One of the most popular instat messaging service platforms at the moment, Whats App has added a new feature in the form of Stickers that are used to represent our expressions when chatting.

With the Stickers feature, it allows users to send a variety of unique stickers to their chats, which are similar to Line’s, Messenger, and several other IM platforms.

But unique, besides being able to send stickers that have been provided by Whats App users can also make WA stickers from photos of our own faces. With our own face stickers, of course our expressions when communicating with chat opponents will be more exciting.

Curious, how do you make WA stickers using photos of your own face? Check the way below.

How to Create a WA Sticker with a Photo of Your Own Face

To make Whats App stickers using photos of our own faces, we need the help of a third party application called Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, you can download them through the official Google Play Store market or via the following link.

Also, make sure your Whats App application has been updated with the most recent version. Next, see how to make WA stickers using the photos of our own faces below:

  • First of all you have to take a selfie photo, at least with three different styles to make WA sticker material later. May be more than 3, but what is required by the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application is a minimum of 3 photos.
  • Change the photo format to .PNG, you can use the file manager application or the like to change the format of photos from .JPG to .PNG. In addition, for maximum results you can edit your photos first to make them more sleek, or you can also remove photo backgrounds (backgrounds) to be transparent. You can use the Background Eraser application to disappear the photo background. (download the Background Eraser application here)
  • If the photo that you will make the WA sticker is ready, then open the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application. Automatically the application will detect PNG photos that you have before, then press the Add button, and select WhatsApp.
  • A popup page will appear, then press the Add button, until Eraser appears, it has been added to WhatsApp.
  • Now your face photo is ready to be made a sticker and sent to friends, family or the closest person to represent your expression.
  • To test whether the sticker can be used you can try it by the way, open the WhatsApp application then select one of the contacts that you want to send your WhatsApp face to. In the message type column, press the emoji button on the left.
  • Tap the Sticker icon that is on the GIF icon at the bottom of the screen, then the WA Sticker will appear, a photo of your face that you made earlier.
  • Select one of your WA stickers and press the send button.

How, it’s quite easy not to make WA stickers from your own face. Come on, try this trick, so that chatting via WhatsApp with the people closest to you is much more exciting than before. Good luck!